Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welfare Ham

The Welfare Square senior missionaries were very kind. They allowed me to browse their job search database and they gave me information about upcoming meetings that will be attended by recruiters. It turned out that the missionary assigned to me served a mission with his wife in the Dominican Republic, so we had a little something in common to talk about. I told him my background and previous work experience, my dreams, aspirations and frustrations. And he might've even listened.

I love the mission of the employment center and the dedication put into it, but after an hour on their computer I realized that I could do the same thing on my own computer. I told my missionary friend that I had better be on my way. I said "thank you", we said our goodbyes and with my sights set on the front door I made a mad dash. Half way there I heard someone shout, "Matt!" "Oh, no," I thought. I turned around and my sweet old missionary friend came hobbling toward me with a giant grin on his face. He said, "I have something perfect for you, I think you'd better take a look!" I have to admit that I was a little excited and cheery thoughts of business connections and insta-good jobs scrambled through my greedy mind. Maybe my missionary friend was impressed by me, maybe my charisma and good looks had won him over, maybe? "This opportunity just came through," said Missionary. "What was it?" I wondered. My golden first professional job, I just knew that my months of hard work and job searching had finally paid off.

Missionary Friend could hard contain his excitement and like chilled gravy the words oozed from his mouth, "Honey Baked Ham is looking for seasonal employees beginning in mid-November!" His words pierced me like a dagger to the heart. Yet, somehow I love that old missionary even a little more for thinking me the perfect candidate as a temporary Honey Baked Ham "sampler."

I told him I would consider the opportunity.

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Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

So are you going to apply? lol