Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is the Place?

I moved. I left Troutdale and am currently residing on my sister's couch in Salt Lake City, Utah. I wasn't making anything happen in Oregon and decided two days before the move that a quick change was necessary. Rash decision: typical. Me in Utah: weird. So far though it has been, well, alright. I have visited a few old friends, some Mormon sites, and, gulp, Welfare Square.

Yes, it's true, in my desperation for a paycheck I jumped in the car to ask the pro's for a little guidance. The good news was I didn't even use my navigation device to find the place, I just followed my nose toward what I've determined was sauerkraut, diaper and hot dumpster; aka bum. I was actually excited to hop in the breadline with my homeless friends, after all there's really nothing quite like being the meat in a bum sandwich.

After a bit I cringed and realized my homelessness and that I had a little b.o.

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Shawn and Katie said...

what?!? you're in utah? so you and kelly should come to dinner down at my parents, not this sunday but maybe next? or sometime soon. then you don't have to eat with the bums, bless their hearts.