Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello 2009!

New year, new goals:

run at least one full and two half marathons

leave the country at least once (an Asian country preferably)

begin grad school

successfully visit the Grand Canyon during daylight hours and an open front entrance rangers post

acquire zero overdraft fees

Monday, December 15, 2008

Quiz Time

I'm a little embarrassed to include these quiz's on the blog, I mean my blog is a place for valuable and resourceful information meant to uplift and inspire the masses. HOWEVER, months ago Shelley Watts actually emailed one to me (it was almost shocking, I don't I had received one for probably seven or eight years) and I promised her I would fill it out in due time, she keeps me young. Well, due is the time. Here you go Shelley (sorry everyone else) and as a little bonus treat I'm filling out Meagan soon-to-be-Flake's quiz too (sorry everyone again).


4 places that I go to over and over:
1) Safeway
2) The Red Box machine at Walgreen's
3) 24 Hour Fitness on 32nd and Camelback
4) Phoenix Mountains Park

4 of my favorite places to eat:
1) Thai Basil
2) Pita Jungle
3) 7-11 (nachos and Coke Zero anyone?)
4) and if I were in Hawaii I'd go for some Food For Thought and/or Haleiwa Eats

4 places I would rather be right now:
1) Hawaii
2) Skiing
3) The Grand Canyon
4) Thai Basil


This one was originally "My 8 Favorite..." And that's just a little overwhelming so I'm shortening it to my Favorite 3. Thanks for understanding.

3 Fave TV shows: This one's tough, I enjoy an occasional show but don't have any regulars. Some that I don't change the channel on are:
1: Family Guy
2: Late Night with Conan O'brien
3: Wheel of Fortune (because I'm secretly 80)

3 Favorite Restaurants Ever:
1. VietThai (Hole in the wall Kaneohe restaurant that serves the best pho I've ever had)

2. Haleiwa Eats (It's just a Thai treasure in Hawaii. A BYUH student chiche, but such a good one)

3. Riverview Restaurant (I had my best ever meal out here. It's in Troutdale. Holler)

3 Things to Look Forward to:
1. Going home for Christmas. i.e. family, skiing, snow (hopefully), food, friends, warm house, big bed.
2. Getting a job that I enjoy
3. Kaitlyn getting her mission call
and a bonus: Grad school hopefully at Northern Arizona University

3 Things I Love about Winter:
1. Christmas
2. Skiing- mostly downhill, but I have got to get a move on with my cross country 2010 Olympics training.
3. Christmas music.

3 Things on my wish list:
1. A Job not at a gym
2. A white Christmas
3. Winning millions from the Publisher's Clearing House

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Official Latter-day Saint

I am officially Mormon as of today. I may be in my mid-twenties and born into the religion but it wasn't until this evening I felt that I truly belonged after attending and semi-hosting my first ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Pictures to come, but for now you'll just have to imagine the luxurious red woolen sweater I picked up at the D.I. store this afternoon. Imagine the central feature is a bedazzled Christmas tree with teddy bears and gifts sitting under it. Attached to each little gift/teddy is a quaint bow. Additionally, as if that isn't enough, there are little embroidered stars, hearts, glitter puffs, and jewels. It's a sweater you won't soon forget and I won't soon part with. It's a keeper that I'm sure has family heirloom potential. Time will tell.

I want a job in the airlines.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby care tips of the day

I totally pirated this from a friend of a friend who took it from http://listoftheday.blogspot.com/ Good thing it's hilarious. My favorite is "Feeding Baby". Check out the "list" blog and find yourself hooked. Cheers.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I looked down at the palms of my hands this afternoon wondering if I had removed the several splinters I somehow obtained, realizing however, that I only dreamed of having them I wondered, "Why this one? What could it mean?" I rarely remember my dreams.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

STOMP it out

Forget krumping, popping and locking, there's a new street dance on the block: the tranny stomp.

I went out the other night with my roommates (me going out, weird I know) to what Kolin described as the freshest club in town. He claimed it played the best music and everyone was there to dance, have fun and be free, or something like that. Oh, and the club was called Ohm, as in peace and meditation. I was hesitant but agreed to go, it sounded like an alright place after all.

We pulled up to the spot and found a small crowd of decent looking 20-somethings gathered in front, a fair sign. Confused after not finding a sign reading "Ohm" however, I turned to Kolin and asked if we were at the right place. We definitely were, and to avoid making a short story long it turned out Ohm was actually Homme as in man in French. Yep, it was a gay club. Kolin swore he had no idea, as if the multiple rainbow flags proudly hung in every window weren't a clue.

There was actually a good mix of people, the music was something new and there were a few precious treasures on the dance floor. At the beginning of the night we spotted a broad-shouldered babe at the bar, the true definition of a hot tranny mess. I'm talking off-centered 80% off clearance Halloween wig from Wal-mart, bifocal glasses, potbelly, smeared makeup, the works. She stuck to one corner and danced her signature three steps forward, three steps back for an hour or so. Then like a flash she darted from the club. Luckily however, a new tranny entered the scene and stomped her way into our lives. Especially Kolins, perhaps because she was his tranny doppleganger. Stompy ungracefully made her way to our circle, hoping to dance with us, so we let her and boy, did she stomp. Pounding those big feet of hers to the floor as if killing a giant cockroach. Subtle moves that we all caught on to. I would sure feel bad if she were actually a woman.

Meanwhile Tranny #1 made her second appearance of the night, only this time she changed from her slinky black number into a pair of white capri pants and shoes with straps up to the knees. Same wig, same bifocals, same potbelly, same tragic mess. Sadly she was still alone and in the corner. We thought she came up with a new dance move but turned out the constant wall lean and toe touch was just her adjusting the shoes and straps.

We had a fun evening dancing but more than anything it was a people watching feast.

Note to self: if we ever go back to Ohm/Homme do not wear flannel shirt. Lesbians will constantly confuse you for one of them.