Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Fly

I am being tormented by a fly. No, not just any fly, the single largest specimen I've ever crossed paths with. I've been in some pretty fly infested places but never before has a fly treated me as this one has today. This afternoon I was watching TV and I found myself distracted by the great beast. I tried to shew him outside but there was no budging this fly on a mission. Later in the day I found myself on the treadmill only to be attacked by the fly mid run. Mind you this fly is unlike any other, it goes for the face, the eyes especially. I eventually forgave and forgot, out of sight out of mind I guess, but this evening as I was downloading some new tunes in my bedroom he returned. The fly, circling me, diving for the computer screen made a comeback and I turned to darker removal methods than I'd like to admit, but I was desperate. I rolled a towel and went into attack mode swatting, jabbing and kicking, however, to my horror he was unbeatable. I had had it when I went to the bathroom for some water and heard his low pitched buzz follow me in, enough was enough and I made a run for the bedroom, quickly slammed the door and was sure the enemy had been beaten, finally I lost him. Was I ever wrong. Not long after the assumed defeat I heard the fly repeatedly bashing into the door from the other side and it wasn't seconds before he crawled beneath it back into the bedroom. I went downstairs not long ago for a late night snack, guess who followed. My dad even battled the demon. No luck. I went upstairs to watch TV, he followed. I went back to the bathroom to brush my teeth, guess who. I shut him in the bathroom, shut my bedroom door, I'm in bed, guess who sits on my window sill.


Fly, where have you flown from?
Fly, flutter on back to wherever it is you've come.
Fly, your pestering has thrown me into a haze.
Fly, isn't your lifespan no more than three days?
Fly, you crept beneath my door.
Fly, you're so large your buzz is more like a roar.
Fly, you've a pair of eerie red eyes.
Fly, I mistook you for a bat because of your great size.

In other news, I'm moving tomorrow morning.


Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

I love the fly poem.

Shawn and Katie said...

what is with you people?!?! your photographs are incredible!!! is this a hobby or are you going to be professional? kristy too. hers are amazing as well. i was glad you commented on our blog cuz now i have your blog. your still as funny as you always have been. i miss you, i haven't seen you in pretty much like seven years i think. hope things are well!

your cousin katie

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Hey I need your address! Email or facebook it to me.