Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Plea

I need to travel. Will someone please sponsor me for a visit to Iceland? Please? Everything about the place seems beautiful, it has held my number one most desired destination to visit for years and years now, and even though I abstain from consuming flesh I would most certainly love to eat one of Iceland's national dishes, smoked puffin. I know, they are kind of cute but according to my favorite TV show host, Andrew Zimmern, and the nation of Iceland, they're also delicious with a slice of melon.

And I haven't even mentioned the vikings yet.

I'm not picky, anyone can sponsor this trip, I'll give you the photos when I get back. Or would like to travel with me? Your choice.

As a side note, NPR is my new obsession, I've decided that it would tough to live without.


Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

I am hooked on NPR....I love This American Life You should download the KCRW Podcast. I think it streams live.

Can I come to Iceland too?

Nathan said...

I hear you. On the travel, the iceland, and the npr.

Amanda Green Englund said...

Been to Iceland- everyone's blond.