Monday, November 17, 2008


I live in Phoenix. I work at 24 Hour Fitness (I know right, gross). In honor of my move to this desert valley I've decided to immortalize my awesome new life and awesome new job by so appropriately getting a tattoo of a phoenix, the bird.

Check out this link:

A second ago my quasi-roommate Kolin suggested that the tattoo include a small burning "Oregon" and rising up from the flames will appear the born again phoenix.

Any other suggestions?

Don't worry Mom, I'm not really getting this tattoo. But maybe.


Laura said...

Maybe I'm just a little off, but it seems that you could put the head of a Phoenix in the upper left hand corner of that picture of Oregon and a wing on the right. Why don't you do a Phoenix inside the shape of might take a little photoshop time, but it would throw people off.

Matt said...

brilliantly trashy. i love it!

Matt said...

who are you laura? you can trust me, reveal yourself.

kelly riding said...

send some pics when you get it. i hope it takes up your entire back.