Friday, November 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

A few of you have asked about my living sitch. Here's the house complete with a small orange tree in the front and a quaint fireplace in the back. I have loved it so far, we have nice neighbors. One, an older lady, Olive, even left cookies on our doorstep the other day. I guess our house would be considered a condo. luckily though the complex, Williamsburg Square, comes with an authentic neighborhood feel; one that's really quite different from most everything else in the Phoenix area. We live across the street from a restaurant/gelateria/grocery market called La Grande Orange, AKA a paradise for the urban elite. LGO has a good vibe and good food (priced for their main customer unfortunately), and the gelato is succulent. There's also several other hipster hot spots in the area but we're not too far from the real world either.
LGO reviews:

These pics were taken with terrible light. I'll make sure and post some updates soon.

*Our back door is straight from Leave it to Beaver. I have high hopes that one day I'll be busy out back and June Cleaver will shout from the kitchen, "The pie is ready," I'll then turn around to find it ready and steaming on the half door.

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