Sunday, November 30, 2008

out with the old...

I kind of quit my job. I have had some bad jobs in my life but managed to love just about all of them, but I just couldn't manage to love 24 Hour Fitness. I'm once again jobless; free and happy, but jobless nonetheless. Oh, I also might've pulled the ol' "family emergency" trick to get out. Oops.

I planned to ask all of you the best way to quit but lying and turning off my phone was way too easy and I was much too antsy to wait another moment. Anyway, where should I work this month? I've always wanted to work at a restaurant or an ice cream shop- maybe I'll try one of the two. It sure is nice using my university degree.

On another note I finally made my way over to Squaw Peak this afternoon. I had heard that it was a nice easy stroll but I think there must be a few different trails in the same Phoenix Mountains area because I actually ended up hiking the steep trail to the actual peak. The views were great, the weather was perfect and the trail is only a couple miles from my house. Can't I just hike for a living?


Nathan said...

sometimes I wish everyone just grew their own gardens and milked their own cows and traded stuff instead of having to get jobs.

kelly riding said...

jobs schmobs