Monday, May 4, 2009

Southern Comfort: More From Craigslist

The south has been a constant treat and I've only just arrived. I've come to learn that no matter the city, craigslist is sure to entertain, Tennessee is no exception. I found this today:

Hunter/gatherer/fisherman from the Northern woods, now living in the big city of Nashville with nowhere to hunt besides WMA's and can't afford the extra permits this year. This is how I get almost ALL my meat (and most of my other food as well).

In exchange for letting me hunt, fish, or gather edible wild plants/mushrooms on your land within the prescribed seasons, I'll hook you up with up to half the meat (or other food products) I take, and if interested, you can cherry pick the hides or other animal parts. I'll leave alone anything you ask me to (as in "You can hunt squirrel but not quail" or "Go ahead and take the chicken mushrooms but leave the morels alone").

I'm also an unapologetic redneck so if it's coyotes, groundhogs, beaver, rattlesnakes, or any other "unwanted vermin" you have on your farm or other land and want taken care of, I'll be able to get PLENTY of use out of it if you don't want em.

Email me if you're interested; Lord knows I am.

How incredible is this, really? Before finding it I did a little Nashville craigslisting of my own and came out anything but empty handed. A personal southern style encounter awaits you...(ok, let's be real, I'm gonna post it in the next hour or so. I have nothing to do.)

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