Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nashville: day 2

The Request:
(Posted on craigslist Nashville)

Seeking: 1 Stuffed ARMADILLO - $25

Dear Tennessee,

I just moved to Nashville from Phoenix and was amazed by the amount of armadillos (live and dead) I passed driving through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee. It kind of blew my mind. Is there anybody who catches these little guys or collects roadkill to stuff (the more intact ones of course)? I've done a little Googling and found they're quite expensive to buy from a professional taxidermist and they're completely unavailable on craigslist and ebay. I need your help, maybe you received one as a gag gift years ago and are looking to get rid of it, well then I'm your guy. Perhaps you're looking to consolidate your belongings, I'll help you out. Or is there some sort of coloring contest or raffle I can enter to perhaps try my luck at winning one? You could even be a taxidermist in need a little help with odd jobs around the shop in exchange for one, the options are endless. I just want a stuffed armadillo to display in my house. Actually, I need one. I'm being 100% serious so please let me know thanks.


The Response:
(Received via email)

I actually do have an old stuffed armadillo. The tip of its tail is broken, but is still attached & could be fixed.
You didn't say where in/around Nashville you live. I'm in West Meade.
If this isn't a joke & you really want this armadillo, email me back & we can make arrangements.

The Result:
(Received as a gift from generous Nashville native, Peggy)



Name That Tune! said...


Nikki said...

nugget!! I love that sweet little peggy just gave you that!! what an angel!!

Taylor said...

ok so this is exactly the sort of behavior i was afraid you would develop while living in tennessee.

say hi to dolly for me

Nathan said...


The Gibbs said...

how'd you end up in nashville? always wanted to go there, heard it's awesome. and yes, it IS dan in the pic, he has some hideous long hair. wish i had a pic of mike, he has a mullet, one that laura and michelle drooled over at my grandpa's homecoming a couple weeks ago. i think it's ugly, but they thought it was sexy because they are children of the 80's.

kiff said...

Its like Peggy is your guardian angel. What a beautiful oxymoron, the vegetarian and the stuffed animal carcas. Sounds like a children's book!

Meagan said...

SO FUNNY! ... why are you in nashville.

Laura said...

Matt! You are my hero! In all seriousness. Why are you not in Alaska??

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Ummm....why are you living in Nashville?

Anna K. said...

Wow awesome!

Kiley Edgley said...

You are my hero.

Cody said...

Wow. So when my family moved from Texas to Colorado it was a long drive. It was night, very dark outside when we passed the border into Colorado. My dad hit something small, probably a wild animal with our minivan. We pulled over to look for whatever it was but couldn't find anything. Another car pulled up and asked if we needed help. My dad explained that he had hit something but we didn't know what. He asked, "could it have been an armadillo?" The local Coloradoan looked at my dad and said, "where are YOU from?"