Wednesday, June 29, 2011

now and future

I admitted my graduation. Now a follow up confession: I miss school. I know, I'm sick. It's just that grad school overwhelmed my life for two years unlike anything else--'cept my mission--and I've realized I'm not over it. Though I was stressed, sleep deprived, without friends, and conscious thanks only to a steady diet of fast food and Diet Coke, I feel like I actually miss the insane amount of reading and writing. I plan to apply for a PhD program within the year.

The crazy thing is that a PhD in anthropology takes an average of seven+ years.

Meanwhile, I have a job. I conduct research, evaluating a statewide initiative that involves school readiness for young kids. I travel throughout Northern Arizona and interview stakeholders and parents. I analyze what they tell me and help compose reports and provide suggestions to the state. I am an applied anthropologist and feel lucky to have a job in my field, but frankly, I'm bored. I'm not motivated by educational anthropology and selfishly can't wait to get back to researching topics directly in line with my interests and curiosities.

Which are what? Food and... well, mostly just food. Producing it, processing it, distributing it, and of course, eating it.

Most of the last year was spent developing my thesis, which focused primarily on the relationship between food and cultural identification. My work was based on insights from an internship I conducted last summer at an urban farm for migrants and refugees in San Diego. I would like to continue similar work and eventually teach anthropology at a university.

Arizona has been good to me and I'll enjoy another year here. Come Fall 2012 though, I'll happily move on. Oregon, Hawaii, Indiana? Shoot, I'll join any program that wants me! (hopefully some program out there will...). Until then I plan to fill my free time with a pile of new hobbies that I haven't thought of yet. Suggestions?

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The Gooberts said...

Good luck with your future! I don't miss school, but I suck at school. Studying and learning??? WTF? Ha ha! As for suggestions? Go for your PhD! Knowledge is all you're taking with you after this damn world, so I say: LEARN! xD