Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bottle Hunting

For nearly a year I've been dreaming of going on an antique bottle hunt. Weird, of course, but fascinating too. The idea is to locate the site of an old privy or outhouse, probe it for glass and if you're lucky enough to find some, dig.

Apparently before indoor plumbing and garbage service most waste was thrown down the privy hole in the backyard. Digging around in them has become a sort of phenom for urban archaeologists and antique collectors. And I have to do it. Now. I received some good leads on my book club post so I'm throwing this one out now. Does anyone know where I can join a dig or find info. about one, preferably in Arizona? Does anyone want to start an antique bottle digging team? Please?


Nathan said...

I do. I want to be a treasure hunter.

Matt said...

how do we start a treasure hunting company? we better get it going soon.

xiaolong13 said...

I have an antique bottle! It's a purple whiskey bottle. It's Ball and Claw brand, so it's in the shape of a ball and bird claw. They dug it up at my the house my mom grew up in. Maybe 1930's or 1940's cause that's when my grandpa was one of the town drunks. He reformed later.

If you're ever in Brigham City and if you can be really quiet I'll show you the old place and you can dig for more bottles there. I was told they found a bunch of them burried there when they dug the trench for pipes for the first attached/indoor toilet when my mom was 8.

Matt said...

Seriously? Because I'll take you up on that offer 100%! Why would I have to be really quiet though? Is it in some random's backyard now? I love that your mom didn't have an indoor toilet until she was 8! Seriously cool. Have you had the bottle appraised?

xiaolong13 said...

It looks like this. It's a bitters bottle though not whiskey.

From what I've gathered it's not worth much. It's a '70's reproduction. I still think it's pretty awesome.