Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Attention all book club members:

It's true, I know Oprah added it to her club first, but book number one on our (still empty) list is The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. I started it a couple days ago before I was a member of any such club, however, from this moment on I plan to slow down and let you all catch up to about the 150s. So get to your local library right quick and dive on in.

I don't exactly know how book clubs work still so you'll have to lend some suggestions. Sarah from Canada pointed me to a book club she was (is?) a member of and their basic format seems pretty legit. For now we will read one book a month, it will be chosen from suggestions offered by the group (all three of us!) and we'll discuss it toward the end of the month most likely on a new blog site. At this point get reading, comment as you go, add some book suggestions and enjoy. TPB is a sweet read thus far.


sarah said...

Can I join? Will you allow someone you've never met before to join? I promise I don't have swine flu.

Matt said...

Good thing the only stipulation we have is that you don't have Swine Flu. You're so in!

plus you're like one of three people who reads this. ha!

Meagan said...

Matt ... Provide me with your address and I'll provide you with Fashionable Swine Flu Protection.

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

One of my favorite books! It gets kind of creepy in the middle!

Matt said...

GET READING. i'm starting up again tonight. all 2 of you who care, what do you think so far?