Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nest bed

When I was in high school I moved with my family to a new house about a mile away from the old one. Each of my siblings and I were getting our own bedrooms and we really didn't have much say on the furniture or features but we did get to choose the wall colors. I chose red. The red walls were great and exactly what I envisioned but what I really remember wanting in that bedroom was a nest. A NEST. If it were up to me my bed would have been a giant, cushy bird nest. I don't remember why. Thank the heavens for moms.


Nathan said...

I think a nest bed is a perfect idea. A nest bunk bed. The only thing better would be a Mo'nique bed... I have seen her face, now I can die peacefully. I greeted her when she arrived at the airport, and I would have gotten her number, but there was a tall stern black man doing all the talking for her and she just scowled silently in the background. She's got 'tude. I wouldn't expect anything less.

Marni said...


Could you be any more jeenyus? Kaitlyn is leaving on her mission in 10 days. you'd better propose soon. Just kidding. But I miss you and your yoga pants/ tender warmheartedness. I hope your having a glorious time in AZ.