Monday, December 15, 2008

Quiz Time

I'm a little embarrassed to include these quiz's on the blog, I mean my blog is a place for valuable and resourceful information meant to uplift and inspire the masses. HOWEVER, months ago Shelley Watts actually emailed one to me (it was almost shocking, I don't I had received one for probably seven or eight years) and I promised her I would fill it out in due time, she keeps me young. Well, due is the time. Here you go Shelley (sorry everyone else) and as a little bonus treat I'm filling out Meagan soon-to-be-Flake's quiz too (sorry everyone again).


4 places that I go to over and over:
1) Safeway
2) The Red Box machine at Walgreen's
3) 24 Hour Fitness on 32nd and Camelback
4) Phoenix Mountains Park

4 of my favorite places to eat:
1) Thai Basil
2) Pita Jungle
3) 7-11 (nachos and Coke Zero anyone?)
4) and if I were in Hawaii I'd go for some Food For Thought and/or Haleiwa Eats

4 places I would rather be right now:
1) Hawaii
2) Skiing
3) The Grand Canyon
4) Thai Basil


This one was originally "My 8 Favorite..." And that's just a little overwhelming so I'm shortening it to my Favorite 3. Thanks for understanding.

3 Fave TV shows: This one's tough, I enjoy an occasional show but don't have any regulars. Some that I don't change the channel on are:
1: Family Guy
2: Late Night with Conan O'brien
3: Wheel of Fortune (because I'm secretly 80)

3 Favorite Restaurants Ever:
1. VietThai (Hole in the wall Kaneohe restaurant that serves the best pho I've ever had)

2. Haleiwa Eats (It's just a Thai treasure in Hawaii. A BYUH student chiche, but such a good one)

3. Riverview Restaurant (I had my best ever meal out here. It's in Troutdale. Holler)

3 Things to Look Forward to:
1. Going home for Christmas. i.e. family, skiing, snow (hopefully), food, friends, warm house, big bed.
2. Getting a job that I enjoy
3. Kaitlyn getting her mission call
and a bonus: Grad school hopefully at Northern Arizona University

3 Things I Love about Winter:
1. Christmas
2. Skiing- mostly downhill, but I have got to get a move on with my cross country 2010 Olympics training.
3. Christmas music.

3 Things on my wish list:
1. A Job not at a gym
2. A white Christmas
3. Winning millions from the Publisher's Clearing House

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