Saturday, December 13, 2008

Official Latter-day Saint

I am officially Mormon as of today. I may be in my mid-twenties and born into the religion but it wasn't until this evening I felt that I truly belonged after attending and semi-hosting my first ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Pictures to come, but for now you'll just have to imagine the luxurious red woolen sweater I picked up at the D.I. store this afternoon. Imagine the central feature is a bedazzled Christmas tree with teddy bears and gifts sitting under it. Attached to each little gift/teddy is a quaint bow. Additionally, as if that isn't enough, there are little embroidered stars, hearts, glitter puffs, and jewels. It's a sweater you won't soon forget and I won't soon part with. It's a keeper that I'm sure has family heirloom potential. Time will tell.

I want a job in the airlines.

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Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

When are you coming home for Christmas. Sean and I are going to be in P-Town on the 19th. He leaves the 23rd, but I am going to be there until the 30th. I know Megan is going to be home for a couple of days but I am not sure when. Let's get together..I want you to meet Sean but I am not sure what the schedule is going to be like!