Friday, September 26, 2008

cows=poopie=methane=global warming

OK, this is interesting. The UN has come out and said that meat production is responsible for about a fifth of the worlds greenhouse emissions. Greenhouse emissions, the gases that are necessary for keeping Earth a livable temperature- a good thing- have gotten out of control with high population and industrialization and as a result today we're faced with what I like to call G-dub, global warming that is- a bad thing.

Apparently methane is 23 times more effective as a global warming agent than carbon dioxide, and let's be real here, who's been on a farm or ranch and seen cows in full methane action? Thank you freshman year horse riding class for opening my eyes to the vulgarity of the cow, can you say poopie magoo? I mean bless their hearts, but their digestive systems must be like a garbage disposal permanently switched "on."

cows=poopie=methane=global warming

The more we eat meat and use animal derivatives the more we're playing a role in G-dub than we'd like to believe. That reminds me, I have been searching for a new pleather belt for ages now.

In June 2007 I took a trip to Tuvalu, the tiny Polynesian nation a few hundred miles north of Fiji. Look it up, it's a beautiful place with a rich culture, traditions worth researching, 9 islands, 10 sq miles and a rising sea level. The ocean has risen so much so quickly in fact, that Tuvalu may soon disappear, the direct consequence of an overload of greenhouse emissions created unfortunately by. . .us. I love that place, so enjoy these pictures of it and next time you pause in the grocery store for a cut of steak remember Tuvalu. Veggies anyone?


Kathleen said...

Matt. So glad you posted. Good to hear from you. I'm working at the Campus News Center now as an editor/intern. Sad you're not here anymore. Some interesting things have happened in the past-little that would make your heart stop.

Matt Riding said...

sorry, not sure why the pics are all distorted.