Saturday, February 12, 2011

omg lol

My brother in-law Josh, generously gifted me a Blackberry Pearl for Christmas. Even though I am still deconstructing its complexities I have not slowed my texting habit. This past week alone I sent the following (inappropriate) text messages to the wrong people:

1. "I am still so grossed out that Dougie sampled your lady milk." (sorry emily w.)

2. "ROADTRIP!" (sorry nikki s.)

3. "I wish you were a treasure troll too." (sorry matt m.)

4. "Oh heeeey boo." (sorry bishop walton)


*Becky* said...

oh my HELL I have never laughed so hard. The best was the lady milk and then the message to the bishop.

Nikmel said...

Such a mess!! Ha

What did Emily W say back to you!?

stephanie said...

you did not!

ehu. said...

Well, at least you didn't send Txt msg #1 to Person #4....or else I think that would probably end up in an interview.

M said...

Bahahahahaha! Nicely done, Matt... Poor Bishop, getting hit on by his counselor.

And yes, I'm creeping on your blog. Muahahaha. ;)