Monday, March 29, 2010

Dearest Housewives:

I washed and dried this pair of red wax lips with my clothes. Fail.

Why couldn't it have been the 'stache of wonders?

Roomie swore up and down that her natural stain remover stick would do the trick. Fail.

After three hot cycles and four days, this morning my laundry sat in the washing machine sad, bestained, and sour.

I got to thinking. Recently I participated in a greasy service project. So greasy in fact, that we relied on a mechanic's orange and pumice hand cleaner to do the trick. Grease on hands? Why not greasy/red wax stains on clothing? BINGO. Success. Thank you Fast Orange with pumice for restoring my clothing to its natural state. Housewives? Get on it, you can thank me later.