Friday, November 6, 2009

Inna Illa Rabbikar Rujaa

My 2009 Halloween costume has been added to the archives. I believe it went swimmingly.

Tis the season. Happy Halloween!
سعيد عيد القديسين! أتمنى لكم اليوم كان ممتعا
بقدر الألغام. يحب والقبلات.


*Becky* said...

w-o-w! great costume. looks very authentic. if i didn't know ya, i'd think you looked like that. well i don't know you, but i know you don't look like that

The Gibbs said...

ok, that is freaky. um, i don't know what you're doing for thanksgiving, if you have plans to go home or what, but we're having it at my house in vegas. my family is coming down and all the poolers are joining in on the fun. we'd LOVE to have you if you don't have plans. give me a call if you want to come.